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IP PBX / Telephony

PBX / IP Telephony


As Global No.1, NEC IP PBX/PABX solutions offer the perfect hidden advantage for your business communications.

IP Phone

NEC's Desktop IP Phones deliver a wide range of customizable features and modular designs to meet the communication demands of any workplace.


NEC’s Business Mobility IP DECT delivers in-house wireless telephony on your IP Network.

Digital Phone

NEC's Desktop Digital Phone is elegantly design and featured-packed, these phones have an intuitive interface that improves the overall user experience.

Analog Phone

Delivering a host of user-friendly features NEC’s analog phones matches your telephony networking requirements both in reliability and durability.


NEC's UNIVERGE SP350 Softphone embeds voice communication into business processes to bring employees the instant communication and information they require.


UNIVERGE 3C is a complete, software-based, unified communications and collaboration solution that redefines the way a business and individuals communicate.

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