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Measuring instruments you are using in daily operations such as product development, manufacturing, testing and maintenance shall be considered to be one of the most significant factors for determining the quality of your products and services. Maintaining the accuracy of measuring instruments by yourself will cause unnecessary capital investments and time consuming training efforts to develop calibration-experts. We, NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., are ready to provide quality calibration services with advanced calibration technology and reference standard equipment with proven traceability. Our calibration services will strongly support your quality control processes by ensuring the accuracy of your measuring instruments and equip nicnl.

Reference Standard Equipment with Proven Traceability

Carefully selected reference standard equipment and instruments with proven traceability provide accurate standard values.

Advanced Calibration Technology with Accumulated Know-hows

*Calibration services are supported by NEC Purchasing Service, Ltd., with 30 years experience. Thus, advanced calibration technology with accumulated know - hows guarantees quality calibration services.

Wide Range Calibration Coverage

Calibration services cover the wide range of industrial equipment, measuring apparatus and laboratory instruments such as direct current meters, low frequency to microwave apparatus and mechanical measuring scales. Calibration Lab. also provides 20 degrees Celsius standard environmental condition for mechanical instruments.

Quick Delivery Time

Well organized operation ensures quick response n 91 and delivery time. We also provide on site calibration services for your convenience to minimize any risks to stop your production lines.