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HOW (Creating Social Value)

The "How" section of the NEC Way describes the cultural change that our Top Management is leading in our company.


Corporate Culture for Social Value Creation

Corporate Culture Evolution

Social Value Creation Process

In 2016, "NEC Vision" was published to articulate how we are going to "Orchestrate a brighter world" - envisioned through exploration of the core issues and challenges facing our customer and society. With the "NEC Vision" a framework was defined to provide guidance on how, with the use of ICT, to create value through collaboration with our customers and stakeholders.

Collaboration Program

At NEC's "iExpo" in 2016, a "Collaboration program" that aligned with customers' and societies' challenges together with a Social Value Creation process was unveiled. "Collaboration" at NEC is defined by the ability to address social issues from its discovery through to resolution.