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WHAT (Ambition)

The middle rings of the NEC Way include our Top Management's most current statements leading the company to become a Social Value Creator. The "What" statements reaffirm our commitment to the power of technology to improve the human condition and our direction to be a Social Value Creator.


Solutions for Society

NEC Group Vision

In 2007, 30 years after the "C&C" declaration, NEC published the "NEC Group Vision" as our aspiration and how we intend to contribute to society through the power of innovation.

To be a leading global company
leveraging the power of innovation
to realize an information society
friendly to humans and the earth

Activities to achieve the NEC Group Value

Our Top Management held intensive discussions on what kinds of value NEC's solutions can provide for Society. The following framework and Top Management statement summarizes what we see as the value of NEC's Social Solutions.

The NEC Group, keeping in mind
"for all people, an abundant society"
will contribute,
as a leading provider of infrastructure for
governments and enterprises around world, to
the realization of an abundant society that is
safe, secure, equal, and efficient.
We will continue to create and offer new value
in order for people to live a better today than
yesterday and a better tomorrow than today.

Focus on Solutions for Society

In the Mid-term Plan 2015, NEC declared that the entire company would focus on Solutions for Society and transform into a social value provider.

Mid-term Plan 2015
Focus on Solutions for Society

Transform into a Value Provider

  • Invest our resources towards areas of innovation focused on social infrastructure via ICT
  • Recognize solutions for social issues as our growth opportunities, and build new business models

NEC Vision for Social Value Creation

Following the articulation of the Four Values of Social Solutions, NEC announced the 7 Themes of Social Value Creation. These themes describe the specific areas where NEC group can deliver the potential value of Social Solutions.

<7 Themes of Social Value Creation>

  1. Sustainable Earth
  2. Safer Cities & Public Services
  3. Lifeline Infrastructure
  4. Communication
  5. Industry Eco-System
  6. Work Style
  7. Quality of Life

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