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WHY (Contribution to Society)

The center of the NEC Way is the "Why" section. This describes why NEC group exists. We strive to achieve "Social Value Creation".


Social Value Creation

In 2014, this statement was announced in to our global stakeholders to explain our vision to achieve "Social Value Creation"

Orchestrating a brighter world

NEC brings together and integrates technology and expertise to create
the ICT-enabled society of tomorrow.
We collaborate closely with partners and customers around the world,
orchestrating each project to ensure all its parts are fine-tuned to local needs.

Every day, our innovative solutions for society contribute to
greater safety, security, efficiency and equality,
and enable people to live brighter lives.

NEC Group Corporate Philosophy

In 1977, former Chairman Dr. Koji Kobayashi articulated the concept of "C&C" (the integration of computers and communications) at a key note speech. This vision of how technology can impact human potential became the core philosophy behind NEC's dynamic growth in the 1980s and 1990s. Based on Dr. Kobayashi's original speech, the "NEC Group Corporate Philosophy" was published in 1990.

NEC strives through "C&C"
to help advance societies worldwide
toward deepened mutual understanding
and the fulfillment of human potential.