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SL2100 in Vertical Market

Organizations of all types, including businesses for real estate, insurance, finance, banking, law, require robust communication tools to serve their clients.

• Self-service options allow callers to easily get to the person or department they want to reach without going through an operator – if person is unavailable, they can leave a detailed message.

• A range of mobility options enable employees to stay connected and reachable from any location – on or off premises.

Small/Medium Organizations
Small/Medium Organizations

Ensure your guests have a memorable stay by providing them access to personalized services that enhance their experience.

• Guests can customize services from guestroom messaging, wake-up calls and do not disturb plus have one-touch access to services they want.

• Employees can check guests’ real-time status and provide required service immediately.


Small Hotels/Motels

Doctors’ offices, surgery centers and other healthcare organizations receive a high volume of frequent inquiries.

• Customizable pre-recorded messages are played to callers, giving them the option to route themselves to the right department or leave a message for prescription refills, reducing the need for a receptionist to handle every call.

• Eliminate the expense of an answering service with email or external message notifications to appropriate personnel during off hours.