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Unified Communication Solution

Unified Communication Solution

UNIVERGE 3C is a combined unified communications, collaboration and software services platform for businesses of all sizes and Cloud operators. As a single software application, it delivers the essential tools to increase workforce productivity by making it easy for users in different roles to collaborate from anywhere, anytime, using virtually any device. 

Unified Communication Solution

At a Glance

• A rich, consistent user experience that streamlines business collaboration
• Adaptive clients that operate consistently across mobile phones, tablets, and PCs
• Support for enterprise initiatives involving Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) needs
• A natural fit into enterprise virtual IT infrastructures (data centers)
• Open services and standards enabling the ability to meet unique business requirements
• A service-oriented distributed software designed for agility and scalability
• A single business application that is easy to install, manage, upgrade and support
• A software-based licensing model, which immediately grants access to UNIVERGE 3C’s high value features and capabilities – reducing complexity and costs
• Vertical application options to address the needs of specific enterprise markets


Today’s economic environment is a challenge for businesses of all sizes and to stay competitive, they need to have the right tools that enable them to do more with less without compromising customer service. They must find ways to be more efficient, yet at the same time, remain flexible and reduce the overall cost of doing business.

With the right communications solution, a business can make a huge impact to their bottom-line and to individual productivity. By implementing UNIVERGE 3C, a single software application platform that delivers a fully functional IP-PBX along with a complete set of unified communications (UC) and collaboration features, a business can decrease overall expenditures while improving individual productivity, responsiveness and accessibility-truly empowering your workforce.

NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C redefines the way your business and individual employees communicate. This comprehensive solution provides you with the necessary agility for today’s ever-changing work environment. It enables your employees to tailor communications to their specific business needs plus have total control over how, when and where they choose to be reached. With UNIVERGE 3C, its unmatched flexibility, reliability and scalability can be leveraged to keep your organization competitive in today’s marketplace.


Communications Simplified

Flexibility is a key attribute of NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C software platform. As a single software application which operates across premise, cloud or hybrid environments, it delivers to you a complete communications solution that can be tailored to your organization’s needs for highly reliable and secure services.

UNIVERGE 3C is the first Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) platform to integrate a Rich Internet Applications (RIA) framework as a web-oriented architecture (WOA) enabling an entirely new user experience. For IT, it fits very naturally into enterprise web architectures, leverages standard security methods (e.g. HTTPS/SSL, certificates), and simplifies delivery of collaborative tools. For end-users, it provides a very consistent, rich user experience, no matter where they are or which device they wish to use.

Unified Communication Solution

UNIVERGE 3C offers:
• A wide range of certified IP client devices, enabling end users multiple options to adapt to their business needs
• An integrated UC client for multiple forms of communication including voice, video and web collaboration
• Costs savings - by eliminating the need for dedicated proprietary voice switches
• Virtualization support (Hyper-V and VMWare), which reduces hardware and energy consumption to align with a company’s green initiatives
• Analog, SIP, T1 or PRI trunking support
• Support for a variety of client operating systems (including Apple® Mac®, Microsoft® Windows® and Android™)
• Multiple media gateway options for PSTN connectivity and legacy analog and digital PBX connections, ensuring a migration path and protection of existing investments.

Additionally, with its common set of enterprise <login> credentials, you can access your UC or collaborative meeting tools from any device, from anywhere, securely. Much like Internet applications, your settings, contact lists, virtual meetings, and the look and feel is consistent across mobile devices (Smartphones and tablets) or PC, simplifying your experience and delivering it virtually anywhere, anytime. This approach is designed to uniquely align with the demands of the emerging “always on” and “always mobile” workforce (known as the Millennial generation) and the demand of IT organizations to create a more productive and collaborative environment.

Anywhere, Anytime Access on Any Device

Offers True Collaboration
UNIVERGE 3C includes a sophisticated voice, video and web collaboration solution that enables your employees to easily exchange information between customers and colleagues while reducing their need for travel - resulting in cost savings and improved customer service.
• Sales organizations can easily schedule or establish ad- hoc collaboration sessions to engage prospective clients.
• Marketing can arrange webinars to promote to the broader market and to poll attendees on their specific interests.
• Internal workgroups can arrange recurring or scheduled virtual meetings.
• Support organizations can invoke remote control or co- browsing sessions with customers to enhance the support experience and ultimately the resolution.
• Users across the organization can selectively utilize video, screen sharing, file sharing, and more during virtual meetings for a fully integrated multimedia experience.
• With a single click, users in organizations can easily escalate a phone call or a text-messaging dialog to a multi-media collaborative session.

Unified Communication Solution

Through its multi-party video-conferencing display, it enables easy viewing of participants during a conference. Users are able to share Microsoft® Office documents, PDFs, pictures, videos plus more. Files can be added prior to the meeting, opened or downloaded by participants, or deleted by the moderator. Additionally, white boarding enables users to draw on existing documents or on a virtual white board while also allowing remote control of another’s desktop as needed.

Meetings can be easily scheduled on a one time, recurring or permanent basis through UNIVERGE 3C’s UC Client, Microsoft Office Outlook® or the collaboration web portal. Instant meetings within the UC Client can be started in numerous ways - from your contact list, chat window and more. Once a meeting has been scheduled, meeting invitees receive an Outlook calendar invite with a URL that includes the logistical details of the meeting and the list of participants. Instant meeting invitees can also receive an instant message (IM).

Need to record a meeting? You can easily record your meetings with a simple click of the recording icon. Recording can be started and stopped at any time during the meeting. Once the meeting has ended, the recording is saved and a URL link is created. The link can be used to playback the entire meeting including the audio, video and white boarding sessions.

When hosting a meeting, it may be important to you to track statistics such as who attended, who didn’t attend and the duration of the meeting. This ability is especially important when hosting a training session and need verification that someone actually participated. UNIVERGE 3C provides the detailed meeting statistics that you need and sends them to you via email. The statistics are attached in an easy to read Excel spreadsheet.

Unified Communication Solution

Additionally, multiple language and time zone choices are available to meet your specific needs. A system default language and time zone can be set, but individual users can also set the language and time zone of their choice. The chosen language selection will control all browser pages and invitations.

Provides a Rich Set of Unified Communications (UC) Features
UNIVERGE 3C comes standard with some of the most powerful UC applications and features in the industry. Your employees will enjoy a consistent user experience across multiple devices and anywhere, anytime access that will significantly increase their efficiency and responsiveness – resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
• Rich Presence allows users to locate and identify another user’s availability and contact them on their preferred device.
• Scheduled-Based Presence and Availability enables users to route calls to the most appropriate telephone – desk, mobile or home office – based on their schedule or specific rule they have set.

Unified Communication Solution

• Unified Messaging enables instant access to email and voicemail messages from one inbox - messages can be retrieved from any location, using a desk phone, computer or mobile device.
• Single Number/Single Mailbox Access saves users time by allowing them to combine mobile and office phone messages into a single mailbox, have a single phone number to distribute to customers and colleagues and transfer calls from their desk phone to their mobile device without interruption.
• Microsoft® Office Outlook® Integration synchronizes meeting calendars, journaling and contact groups into user call functions along with unified messaging functionality.
• Instant Messaging/Chat provides a communications alternative that is less-intrusive than phone or video conferencing and enables the quick exchange of information.

Unified Communication Solution

• Softphone functionality allows employees to use their computers to send/receive calls, perform desktop video conferencing, and use advanced call forwarding and web- browser dialing.
• Online Smart Directories provide a desktop view of all extensions and availability within the enterprise.
• Point-and-Click/Drag–and-Drop Call Management allows users to perform most call functions directly from the desktop.
• Create Customized Automated IVR Messaging to enable callers to go through menu trees using Dual Tone Multiple Frequencies (DTMF) to get information – speeding up processes and saving money.
• Automated Attendant provides reliable 24x7 call routing, which allows callers to reach the appropriate person using speech interface or DTMF - freeing up resources to work on other projects.
• State-of-the Art Speech Recognition provides users with an intuitive speech interface that easily allows them, through simple voice commands, to manage their calendar and contacts, dial contacts by stating their name, and perform hands-free call transfer plus more. (Optional)
• Interactive Call Screening offers users a virtual personal assistant which announces the caller and lets users choose to accept, acknowledge or transfer the call. (Optional)
• Call Recording can be accomplished either on-demand or using preset automation. Recordings can be saved to a local directory or automatically placed on remote resources [servers and/or Storage Area Networks (SANs)], for greater control. (Optional)
• Integration with Microsoft® Exchange® and Active Directory® - is a functionality that is included at no charge and is bundled within the voice license. In addition, a complete software development kit (SDK) is available at no charge for third-party product integrations.
• Plus much more…

Support for Mobile and Remote Workers

Nomadic work styles continue to be a growing trend with today’s workforce. For these workers to be productive, they need easy access to contacts and key collaboration features even while they are away from their offices.

• The UC Client works on a wide variety of mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhones and laptops, and provides a consistent user experience across all operating systems (Apple®, Windows® and Android™). Mobile workers can easily communicate and collaborate while in the field using the device of their choice.
• UNIVERGE 3C’s softphone is an invaluable endpoint option for mobile and remote users and offers them many of the same features they have come to expect from their desktop phone. It turns a networked PC into a virtual business telephone, which allows travelers and telecommuters to take their phone extensions with them to other locations. It works remotely without a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It also can be used as an alternative for a desktop phone.
• Call twinning is supported to help extend a user’s reach without having to set extensive call forwarding rules. A user, through the UC client, can easily configure their phone to ring one or multiple devices at the same time, including mobile and wireless devices.
• Works with NEC’s fixed mobile convergence uMobility™ solution to provide seamless roaming on and off campus– calls can be transparently bridged from your business’s Wi-Fi to cellular networks and back again via a Smartphone. (Optional)
• Wireless LAN and IP DECT terminals are supported on UNIVERGE 3C as IP clients on the system for in-building roaming capabilities to ensure that important calls are never missed.

Unified Communication Solution

Built-In 911 for Quick Response to Emergencies

With UNIVERGE 3C, you will have the tools necessary to care for your most valuable asset – your people. UNIVERGE 3C’s 911 feature passes the Caller ID information along to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This reliable, automatic transfer of information helps you provide vital, lifesaving information to the 911 public safety network while notifying your appropriate on-site personnel that an emergency call is in progress; resulting in an immediate response.

Call recording can also be used to capture a permanent record of the emergency event for future review. UNIVERGE 3C’s 911 support is automatically provided at no additional charge.

Comprehensive Set of Multi-Privilege System Management Tools

UNIVERGE 3C provides a comprehensive set of tools to help manage, maintain and monitor an organization’s system. It includes an easy-to-use GUI (client or web) that supports a wide range of capabilities. Different privileges can be set for administrators, and moves, adds and changes can easily be done via a web-browser. Flexible number planning, call accounting, rights-based security, and Class-of-Service profiles are just some of its extensive feature set. Also included in UNIVERGE 3C is a powerful reporting tool that analyzes call performance, tracks call volume and monitors resource usage.

Security, Reliability and Traceability

By choosing UNIVERGE 3C, you are choosing a communications platform that delivers continuous high availability and disaster recovery with unmatched security, scalability, interoperability and reliability.

Improving security and risk management are top of mind for CIOs and the IT community; therefore, NEC built the UNIVERGE 3C software platform with encryption and security protocols such as SSL with HTTPs connectivity for UC clients, and SIP connectivity that includes SRTP and TLS standard security methods. Integral archiving and recording options for text messaging, audio calls, and virtual meetings allow enterprises to address compliance and privacy/regulatory needs as well as create a new level of traceability.

UNIVERGE 3C, as part of an open, mission-critical communications infrastructure, is a distributed software application that can operate on centralized or remote networked servers, with no one server acting as a single point of failure. (There is no charge to run an additional instance of UNIVERGE 3C on a dedicated or virtual server.) This provides an organization with redundancy and reliability in the event of network outages. This also minimizes hardware costs because shared processing and load balancing provides maximum system availability, enabling one 3C system to support up to 30,000 ports.

With the UNIVERGE 3C platform, the most stringent security and interoperability requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) are even met. The UNIVERGE 3C software architecture is certified by JITC (Joint Interoperability Task Command), a validation that is not only mandatory for the DoD, but is becoming critical for markets such as healthcare, government, public service, legal, finance, and others as well. The JITC certification also means that UNIVERGE 3C meets critical interoperability requirements and achieves five nines (99.999%) reliability.

Business and Communications Integration with Web Services

UNIVERGE 3C allows companies to integrate enterprise communications with complex business systems to achieve advanced, customized business solutions. With the introduction of open, standards-based components, UNIVERGE 3C becomes an enterprise communications system used by various business applications to integrate communications into many business processes.

Web services support an open architecture that allows multiple devices to communicate and co-exist for fast, flexible, and repeatable application development and integration. Through standards-based XML and SOAP technology, UNIVERGE 3C becomes an integral part of business applications providing notifivations, requests and information dissemination for quicker responses to key processes. Web services align with the concepts of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP), enabling enterprise applications to easily integrate communications functions into critical business processes.

One Software Application = Investment Protection + Cost Reductions

As a single comprehensive unified communications and collaboration application, UNIVERGE 3C provides all of the functionality and services that an organization needs. It alleviates the need for multiple vendors, servers and applications and the issues that are inherent with integrating everything into a reducing complexity and costs.

This single application also delivers all of this functionality through a single user license. This user license model immediately grants access to all of UNIVERGE 3C’s high value features and capabilities without any hidden or additional costs.This approach allows for easy coordination of multiple devices  that are connected to any user. It enables a common set of features to be extended to any device – maximizing a user’s productivity.

Additionally, this dynamic software-based solution will forever be current and will always provide organizations with compelling new features through simple software updates. Keeping a system current is a matter of simply upgrading one single platform that covers all the features, applications and UC&C services that are included in UNIVERGE 3C. It’s that easy! Also, with NEC’s Software Assurance program, technical assistance and software

Unified Communication Solution

Unified Communication Solution


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