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So much more than a Perfect Display A Perfect Video Wall Solution


Next Generation Technology

Create Virtually Bezel-less Video Walls as large as 60 m²

Our next generation Video Walls start with the most innovative new display on the market. The MultiSync® X461UN can be used to build Video Walls as large as 60 Square Metres with Virtually Invisible Bezels as small as 2.7mm and is loaded with features that make simple instant calibration and heat management, LAN servicing, easy mounting and alignment and much more, a reality.

Bezel width has been reduced drastically from one generation to the next to improve tiling performance and aesthetics.

Experience Counts

Superior Large Format Video Wall Solutions from the Market Leader

The ideal combination of LCD technology, advanced innovation and NEC experience and quality.

By insisting on the latest NEC Ultra Narrow Video Wall you are not only investing in the most advanced display technology on the market, but you have chosen a Video Wall Solution that was developed with the highest standards of performance and impact in mind. From its initial commissioning and throughout its life cycle experience the highest levels of performance, backed by the respected service and support of a name you can trust.

Designed for the Longer Term

Advanced Heat Management and Higher Standard Components

Public displays emit a certain amount of heat during operation as not all energy is converted to light. While this is not a major concern in stand alone installations, it is an important consideration when building a video wall. Good ventilation is crucial because very often the temperatures rise from row to row.

With NEC, the user can check the thermal status of each screen using the X461UN’s integrated temperature sensors. Furthermore the user can not only activate the fans of the product but determine fan speed and temperature thresholds for their activation. This way the X461UN enables the user to secure the perfect operating environment with unparalleled longevity and reliability.

Precision and Uniformity

Only perfect looking screens are able to communicate a strong and clear message. In order to secure perfect colour and brightness uniformity, MultiSync® X461UN products are calibrated by the factory at 500 cd/m². Furthermore the products are pre-run to make sure the calibration remains stable and the uniformity will not change after a few hours of operation.

Depending on what colour temperature or brightness level is desired, the X461UN enables the user to do his own calibration.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Intuitive Brightness Management, Energy Saving and Longer Life Cycles

NEC are renowned for products designed to stand the test of time. The X461UN is no exception, in addition to heat management, automatic brightness control and eco mode will help prolong the display’s life.

The natural changes during the day in brightness in many environments can be read and used to adjust the brightness of video walls. Since it would be very inconvenient to adjust brightness levels manually, the MultiSync X461UN features an external ambient light sensor the position of which the user can freely determine.

In an entire wall the displays are daisy chained with a supplied cable to adjust the brightness of the entire wall evenly via the ambient light sensor. The automatic brightness control of the video wall helps reduce power consumption and avoids blinding brightness levels seen with LED walls.

Maintenance the Easy Way

Powerful Servicing Options Via an Integrated Ethernet Port

It is crucial in many environments to control the products remotely. Sometimes inputs are changed, sometimes the user simply requires a confirmation the displays are running perfectly and are not experiencing any problems.

While this was done in the past by RS232 alone, the X461UN now includes an Ethernet port which enables certain controls over the network and alarm emails in the unlikely event of product problems such as back light failures or overheating.

Perfectly Finished, Perfectly Aligned

NEC Mounting and Frame Options. Versatile Installation, Simple Mounting and Access, Immaculate Presentation

Whether the application is a free standing video wall or conventionally mounted, we have created a series of ideal solutions. These include a three part adjustable wall mounting kit that ensures simple perfect alignment utilising various plates and l-plates to retain perfect display placement.

A clever rear Mounting bracket which screws into the rear of two vertically aligned displays not only assists with alignment, but also provides an ideal attach and adjustment point for wall mounting. NEC have also developed an advanced interlocking

brushed aluminium framing system that can be used on any display combination. The Frames should be applied to finish off the outer edges of the wall only so there is negligible increase in bezel profiles. With a frame applied, a side view provides a professional look in keeping with the perfect image.

For the ultimate professional installation NEC can offer a pressure sprung mounting system which allows servicing from the front side for any single display without the need to remove surrounding displays.

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