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Dealer Management System Solutions

Central Application allows sales information to be transferred between automobile dealers and distributors.

The Central Application—a sales control service for enterprise customers—manages master data and allows sales information to be transferred between automobile dealers and distributors. By using this service, sales information input from multiple automobile dealers can be centrally managed on the cloud and referenced by dealers and distributors any time.

Easy and efficient rollout of cloud service

NEC’s Dealer Management System provides a reliable cloud service platform with robust security that can be accessed easily for a monthly fee.

Dealers do not need to install servers or employ dedicated staff to operate the system, reducing equipment and maintenance costs.

Total support for rollout, operation, and process improvement

NEC does not simply install the system and leave. NEC staff provide onsite training on rolling out the system as well as technical support for operating the system and advice for improving business processes after the system is up and running.

Digitalize the business situations and problems which were not visible before by gathering and analyzing information, to provide enhancement of marketing competence ,customer satisfaction and cost reduction


Central Application

  • Can be an efficient information sharing between automobile dealer and overall controlling company for sales

    - Connected with information about supply and demand of cars and parts, able to make optimizing stock
    - Information about supply and demand will turn into marketing. Able to place an order adequately
    - Able to cope with problems about recalled and defected object car swiftly and precisely

DMS Application

  • Due to standardization of operating effectiveness, support speedy development of human resources

  • Able to search information swiftly and correctly about automobiles and parts

  • Due to management function of action to customers, support enhancement of customer satisfaction

  • Equipped with convenient functions standardly as below

    - Comprehend well-selling line and slow moving items about cars and parts. Able to search and move between stores
    - Sales management of each branches and sales staffs
    - Export to Excel data