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Network Infrastructure

Provides comprehensive solutions to help you design, implement, maintain and optimize your business processes utilizing our service products.

We ensure the highest levels of expert advisory and technical knowledge through a deep-set commitment, comprehensive industry expertise and a dedicated international network of innovation team to improve service delivery, functionality, operational security and service management for your information assets

Enterprise Network Switch         Router
Virtual Private Network             Security firewall
Rack, Cabling and Power

Network equipment and cabling

Indoor Access Point            Outdoor Access Point

Indoor, Outdoor and Special- purpose Access Points that Deliver

Secure Internet Gateway
Cloud-delivered enterprise network security, which provides users with a first line of defense against cyber security threats.

A complete cloud-managed networking solution.

Clouds provide a new level of flexibility in application and data delivery

Data Center Solution
Delta Infra Suite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions with its integrated design and scalable system architecture supports customers with fully-integrated infrastructure solutions.

Data Center

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