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Product Lifecycle Management Solution

PLM Solution "Obbligato" Overview

Achieving Innovation in the Global Manufacturing Process

Obbligato is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system. It manages the various product data generated in manufacturing process in relation to the product development process and Integrated BOM. Throughout the product life cycle, by effective use of Obbligato, we will support the strengthening of product development capabilities and competitiveness of our customers.

Product Lineup

NEC Thailand provides a Cloud based PLM "Obbligato for SaaS" and an On-premises type PLM "Obbligato III". Please select based on your environment, purpose, and budget.
You can also step up from "Obbligato for SaaS" to "Obbligato III".

This service is suitable for the customer who would like to use immediately at a low cost.

  • You can use PLM immediately via Internet.
  • We prepare a widely-used business scenario and it can be installed without any customization.
  • Small start is possible because you can enter into the contract by 5 users, 1 month.

This software is suitable for the customer who would like to customize flexibly in accordance with the business.

  • Obbligato III is the best-selling PLM/PDM software in Japan for 20 years.
  • In addition to high-quality business function, flexible customization is also possible.
  • We provide detailed function regarding “BOM” which is required in Japan’s Manufacturing Business.

It is an Obbligato’s security solution that protects from taking out confidential data at low cost.
It prevents external leakage of sensitive information such as drawings or recipe.

  • Realize countermeasures against confidential information leaks with little investment and existing servers.
  • No encryption needed.
  • Able to handle general data and confidential data the same time without changing user operation.
  • Able to control the taking out of each user.
  • Able to expand to PLM system in the future.