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ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning is nowadays the key driver to enhance productivity and efficiency for every enterprise that faces sever competitions in the current globalized markets. ERP system enables all enterprises to realize streamlined business and meet varied demand in the global markets flexibly.

NEC has extensive experiences and know-how of implementation of ERP system in Thailand and provides one- stop service with total solutions including IT platform and Network solutions based on customer’s requirements.

IFS Applications

IFS, whose headquarters are in Sweden, was founded in 1983 and provides IFS Applications worldwide in more than 50 countries. IFS Applications is one of the global ERP packages which focuses on selected industries: Aerospace & Defense; Automotive; Construction, Contracting & Service Management, Manufacturing, Process Industries, Retail & Wholesale and Utilities and Telecom.

IFS Applications is component-based applications and designed for your organization – a suite of business components that includes industry-specific functionality in a standard solution.

IFS Applications can be implemented step by step along in accordance with each company’s requirements so that companies can install only the components they need to get a faster return their investments.

NEC has a strong business partnership with IFS in providing collaborative development and support along with the capital alliance between NEC and IFS for customers domestically and abroad.