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Process Innovation

Process Innovation

Wouldn't you like to replace your independent business silos with collaborative environments? Streamline your business processes to become more customer-centric? Make strategic information available throughout your value chain? That's what business process innovation is all about - changing the way you do business.

Our Business Process Innovation services help you achieve these goals and more. Our experienced team assesses your current work environment, your business processes and your long-term needs. Then we design, implement and integrate eBusiness applications tailored for your organization. Our tools help you leverage new technologies to create a better-performing enterprise.

NEC Corporation Thailand offers the following Business Process Innovation services:

  • Web Development
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing

Web Development

Seamless collaboration between everyone involved in designing, manufacturing, selling and buying a product makes great business sense. However, the reality of IT infrastructure and systems inhibits collaboration. Most solutions used today were developed and implemented to meet specific needs. Manufacturing has its system, engineering has its system, sales and marketing have their systems, accounting has its system, and human resources has its systems. These systems are discrete and often do not communicate with each other.

We resolve these collaboration issues. With our Web development services, we can help you build a comprehensive, collaborative eBusiness environment. Our consultants assess your current infrastructure, review your business processes and work with you to streamline your supply chain. Then, using a flexible and scalable Internet infrastructure, and adding integrated and process-centric eBusiness applications, we deliver an environment that enables you to realize the benefits of supply chain collaboration

Our Web development services include:

  • Needs analysis
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Business process analysis and reengineering
  • Solution design, implementation, and integration
  • Solution testing
  • Post-implementation support and help desk

Enterprise Portals

Enterprise portals provide your employees, customers and partners with a single point of access to information 24 x 7. In this unified work environment, productivity improves and your organization can make better, faster decisions.

With our enterprise portal services, we create secure, customized and scalable corporate portals that integrate with your existing network infrastructure. We work with you to understand your business processes and your unique corporate culture and requirements. Then we develop a portal to enable real-time information sharing and teamwork among business units and across enterprises. The resulting performance and response time improvements help you reduce operating costs. And with improved knowledge creation, use and management, you can build a competitive advantage and improve your bottom line.