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Process Innovation

Process Innovation

Wouldn't you like to replace your independent business silos with collaborative environments? Streamline your business processes to become more customer-centric? Make strategic information available throughout your value chain? That's what business process innovation is all about - changing the way you do business.

Our Business Process Innovation services help you achieve these goals and more. Our experienced team assesses your current work environment, your business processes and your long-term needs. Then we design, implement and integrate eBusiness applications tailored for your organization. Our tools help you leverage new technologies to create a better-performing enterprise.

NEC Corporation Thailand offers the following Business Process Innovation services:

Web Development

Seamless collaboration between everyone involved in designing, manufacturing, selling and buying a product makes great business sense. However, the reality of IT infrastructure and systems inhibits collaboration. Most solutions used today were developed and implemented to meet specific needs. Manufacturing has its system, engineering has its system, sales and marketing have their systems, accounting has its system, and human resources has its systems. These systems are discrete and often do not communicate with each other.

We resolve these collaboration issues. With our Web development services, we can help you build a comprehensive, collaborative eBusiness environment. Our consultants assess your current infrastructure, review your business processes and work with you to streamline your supply chain. Then, using a flexible and scalable Internet infrastructure, and adding integrated and process-centric eBusiness applications, we deliver an environment that enables you to realize the benefits of supply chain collaboration

Our Web development services include:

  • Needs analysis
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Business process analysis and reengineering
  • Solution design, implementation, and integration
  • Solution testing
  • Post-implementation support and help desk

Enterprise Portals

Enterprise portals provide your employees, customers and partners with a single point of access to information 24 x 7. In this unified work environment, productivity improves and your organization can make better, faster decisions.

With our enterprise portal services, we create secure, customized and scalable corporate portals that integrate with your existing network infrastructure. We work with you to understand your business processes and your unique corporate culture and requirements. Then we develop a portal to enable real-time information sharing and teamwork among business units and across enterprises. The resulting performance and response time improvements help you reduce operating costs. And with improved knowledge creation, use and management, you can build a competitive advantage and improve your bottom line.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of adoption and implementation of digital technology by an organization in order to create new or modify existing products, services and operations by the means of translating business processes into a digital format.
The goal for its implementation is to increase value through innovation, invention, improved customer experience and efficiency. Focusing on efficiency and costs.

IoT Solutions

IoT solutions refer to a bundle of technologies, including many sensors, that organizations can purchase to solve an organizational problem and/or create new organizational value.
NECTH’s end-to-end IoT solutions for various industries and use cases, such as manufacturing and utilities, are designed to help businesses across industries use IoT solutions to solve problems and achieve outcomes.

Data Governance & Data Catalogue

Explore NECTH’s data integrity and governance capabilities
Data Fabric simplifies data quality and compliance with built-in functionality for making sure your insights are trusted, governed, and actionable.

Talon - Low-Code Development Platform

"TALON" is a low-code development (high-speed development) tool based on original block system and rule engine technology that allows you to build business systems simply by operating the Web screen.

Benefits of Low-Code Development

  • Highly flexible system development is possible with a small amount of programs.
  • System can be implemented in a short period of time and at low cost.
  • Users themselves are involved and can continue to create and change the software that they really need.
  • Able to promote DevOps style of improvement by integrating system development and business operations.

TALON's extensive development capabilities

Manage and share projects, work plans, etc. using Gantt charts and calendars

Gantt Chart Calendar

Realize data visualization and accelerate analysis

Data Analysis

Complex business logic can be easily set using the rule engine.

Rule Engine

Analyze and display all data in real time

Real-Time UI

Fully compatible with smartphones and tablets, so you can operate from anywhere


Can be linked with over 100 types of DB/cloud services

ELT Data Linkage


Self-build business workflow. User-driven workflow system.

“EXPLANNER/FL Ⅱ” is a workflow system that promotes optimal work style changes for each company based on the concept of digital transformation.
Collaborates with various peripheral systems to achieve accurate processing of business processes and speed up business. We greatly contribute to the sustainable growth of companies while increasing efficiency and creating new value.


User-friendly interface for everyone

Configuration system can be customized without additional coding, allowing quick adaptation for business process management


Simple setup to connect approval flows with existing systems (Core system, RFA, etc.)

Sync with various authentication systems (AD/SAML/Windows/Face recognition)

Low Cost

Excellent cost/performance ratio with user-license free 100 templates

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is another step in the evolution of business processes. It is the next logical step to significantly reduce the requirement for employees to perform ruled-based, high-volume activities. Instead, RPA enables employees to focus on more strategic tasks that help the business – and the beauty of it all is that many organizations are just beginning to explore the use of RPA in different scenarios and situations.

RPA is a Journey ... Not just a Project

Architecture of success
RPA will reach its full potential at the end of a consistent process. We like to think of it as a journey, one in which a virtual workforce is deployed by the organization to help achieve its long range corporate goals.
Considering RPA a short term project (perhaps to cut process costs or increase accuracy) will hold back some of the benefits a fully grown, healthy implementations usually provides.

Build a competitive edge
Undertaking an RPA journey enables companies to: plan and execute the technology on an enterprise-wide basis, integrate siloes operations, applications and data, build internal capabilities to adapt and scale, and more importantly, create business value and competitive advantages.

UiPath Platform Components

Customer success begins with our Studio Designer: the perfectly intuitive environment where anybody can model automation visually, without scripting, without code. A powerful recorder literally builds automation by watching you work and a rich library of template activities will get you moving at an exceptional speed and ease.

UiPath Studio

The heart of our products suite. A highly scalable server platform, orchestrator deploys and manages your entire workforce, handling all the critical enterprise duties: release management, centralized logging, reporting, auditing and monitoring, remote control, scheduling, workload management and asset management.

UiPath Orchestrator

Our star performer. The UIPath Robot can take the role of an automated assistant running efficiently by your side, under supervision or it can quietly and autonomously process all the high-volume work that does not require constant human intervention.

UiPath Robot

NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. is official Resellers partnership with UiPath include Solution Providers since July 2017.