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Service Management

Service Management

The evolution of Internet technology has extended your enterprise, opening your business to new opportunities 24 x 7. Managing this technology, however, has become quite complex and requires significant resources that we know you would rather devote to your core business. We can help. customer."

With our business service management program, we enable you to focus on the core business issues at hand while we take care of your IT needs. We understand the challenges of working in the Internet age where 24 x 7 availability is critical, and all your systems and processes need to be converted from client/server to the Web-based architecture. We know that IT issues are no longer confined to your IT department; because of the open environment the Internet provides, your employees, customers and suppliers are affected when systems go down

NEC Corporation Thailand has skilled IT professionals who fully understand and can manage your entire range of IT needs. Let us help you so that you can denote your resources to your core business.

Our business service management program includes the following:

  • Network infrastructure services
  • Security management
  • Outsourcing and managed services