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Work Flow System


Is it difficult to confirm approval progress of your paper applications? Does it take you a lot of time to specify approvers especially crossing departments? Does approval delay, application lost happen frequently due to complex and unstandardized approval flow? FlowLites, the workflow system with No.1 Customer Satisfaction in Japan can support you.

Workflow system, FlowLites enables to computerize various paper ledger sheets in company, and manage/store the application/approval process and flow. It leads to general affair time reduction, speedy decision making, company cost reduction and internal control enhancement.


FlowLites, NEC workflow solutions for 15-year history, grows with customers requirement and provides solution in Japan, China, Singapore and Thailand for more than 1,200 companies. The reason that FlowLites is trusted and chosen by customer is as below.

Feature of Product


Implement system and reflect business process changing quickly and easily

    • Implement system  with browser-based parameter setting, not coding. 
    • Develop web application layout from Excel,  setting approval  route  not coding. 
  • Avoid system stops in organization/personnel change.


Connect core business system with approval flow easily

    • System linkage function is provided such as linkage between approved data and mission critical system, and master data reference saved in mission critical system side(standard function).
  • Linkage portion can be constructed with parameter, workflow linked to mission critical system can be constructed without programming knowledge.

Low Cost

Flexible pricing and licensing organization

flowprise price