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Groupware Benko

Sugar Professional Lite

by Cybozu/MAT
In today’s fast-paced business environment, your success depends on efficiency, productivity and communication. Cybozu Benko System’s integrated feature offer a cost effective, information exchange system that allows you to communicate more efficiently with your corporate, department and team.

In this present, people need to be connected, able to share information and ideas simply, reliably and in real time. Benko is the easy and practical solution to your collaboration needs. Benko is a cloud-based collaborative software suites integrating key collaboration applications that provide a “ready-to-run” intranet solution for small and medium-sized workgroups. Centrally managed on a secured data center, Benko enables your workgroup to be more organized, efficient and productivity. Easy to read, easy to understand and a completely user-friendly interface.

“Ready to run” Trilingual SaaS Groupware

Main Features


Easily keep track of and maintain your individual or co-workers' schedules. Quickly schedule meetings, appointments no matter where you are.


Track conference rooms, corporate cars, projectors, etc. as well as white boards. Resource reservations can be made through scheduler and it makes management much easier.


Centrally post company-wide announcements or articles for everyone to see. Distribute important information immediately to the desktop of all employees or selected groups.

To do

You can set deadlines and priorities for all your tasks and responsibilities. A “T” mark will be shown on your scheduler on the due day of a task. In addition, you can share your ToDo with someone. Shared ToDo also can be set up deadlines and linked to scheduler of related persons.

Work Flow

It's a tool to submit and approve business trip applications, days-off applications and etc, even when the user is on a trip. Work becomes more flexible. All records are kept on Cybozu Benko System for easy reference and tracking.


Create a central repository to organize and store all your company's shared documents. It includes le locking mechanism and revision control to facilitate efficient collaborative work on important documents.

Group Mail

Instead of e-mail, Group Mail is another communication tool to route information, easily allowing recipients to start an online threaded discussion based on your information. List of past mails with their comments can be easily reviewed, no more information bogged down in a flood of e-mail listings starting with “Re”.

Address Book

Centrally stored addresses for easy viewing and updating, and accessible from anywhere by logging into Cybozu Benko System.