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Zwebmeeting web conference

Zwebmeeting web conference

by  TTNI  (Thailand) Co., LTD.
ZWebMeeting can help you to reduce the journey to meeting and able to support for 4,8 and 12 participants conferencing. It is help to reduce the cost of call, and to reinforce the Corporate Image to your company when you choosing ZWebMeeting in touch with your key partners.

ZWebMeeting is Video Conference system that you can join the meeting from anywhere in the world. Participants meet in a dedicated online conference center where they are able to share document presentations, pictures, voices in real time. So, the participants can write on the same documents and discuss via Chat board. Easy to joint conference via web browser and no need to installation the program. ZWebMeeting is much benefit for Japanese Companies who has head offices in Japan and have branches in oversea, because ZWebMeeting HUB solutions provided direct link to Japan via NTT Communications service provider and guarantee international BW and quality of service.


Zwebmeeting Features

  1. Can attend the meeting from around the world, and still accomplish common goals without travel or expense.
  2. Easy to use via web browser.
  3. Allow sharing document presentations or pictures by upload these les to share center of meeting room.
  4. Can invite attendees by using only e-mail address of them.
  5. Have reservation system to manage the schedule of meeting room.
  6. Unlimited uses and time.

Zwebmeeting Benefits

  • Maximum of 12 windows presenting at the same time.
  • Supports various forms of presentations such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. And can download the documents in original file of pdf file.
  • Can writing the comment or drawing the pictures on the whiteboard.
  • Chat board.
  • Allow Polls and Vote from moderator.
  • Independent to move the pictures of all participants.
  • Enables quest invitation non company member to the conference.
  • Moderator of this meeting room can control the Whiteboard, permission and microphone of attendees by himself.
  • Attendees can use Requested Function for request to be the moderator (the chairperson)
  • Reservation system can help to manage the schedule of meeting room, reserved and easy to invite the attendees to attend the meeting via e-mail address.