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STRAccount Online

STRAccount Online

by STRSoftware Co.,Ltd.
The new accounting innovation which entirely using 100% on an Internet Technology with the truly Web Base Server. Users do not need to install the software to their owned server. Just click to the Web Site and log on to the system. Software feature contains all major accounting modules, such as Sale System, Purchase System, Financial System, Accounting System, Cheque System, Inventory System, Job Control and other related Systems. This software can make more benefit for business or industry with its head office only or have many of branches and sites where needed to control.

STRAccount Online, the accounting software application can help you to connect your business to be eBusiness. You can open your business world wide with concept “Comfortable to Success”

More Benefits with Low Costing

  • Of Advanced Servers with Software upgrade through Internet System whether you are anywhere in the world and you can use the Latest Version with ability to accommodate for example, Multi Language etc.
  • STRAccount Online get your knowing in the business performance and the financial movement right away everywhere and every time with the Real Time information system connect up to your data base directly.
  • How convenient it is if everywhere is your working desk. STRAccount Online is connected The Accounting with eBusiness for your business. Connection at the same time with Accounting System make you become a truly trader in the cyber world.

Featuring Technology

STRAccount Online is developed on fully internet network standard. We use development tools which abilities are recognized internationally. Such as Microsoft/ NET/ JAVA/ Apache including the most secure operating system which are Linux and Sun Microsystems. So you can trust in stability of the program that ready to work in its full capacity.

  • Product and service sale system.
  •  Financial system.
  •  Purchase system.
  •  Cheque system.
  •  Accounting system.
  •  Inventory system.
  • Job Control system.
  • Company information set up system.
  • Authorize set up system.
  • Workflow system.
  • Report and analysis.

Security Guarantee

We have a multi-layer combination of technologies consisting of Data encryption, Attack prevention system, and the protection of unauthorized access into the System and Database, Anti-Virus System etc. With guaranteed of global organizations so as VeriSign and moreover with database back up system at anytime. So you can be assured that your information is highest secured.