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Business ConneCT Contact Center


Enhance Customer Contact

Business ConneCT Contact Center equips your organization with a single point of contact and guides callers and emails to the best suited employee, reducing waiting time and improving staff motivation.

Skill-based routing ensures calls are transferred to those agents with the best matched skill set. Agents are provided with additional information, such as the language in which to greet a caller or any other customer information. Each customer call or email reaches the right person, first time, every time!

Unique Flexibility

Agents, supervisors and features can be added simply by adding licenses. Call or email routing can be easily configured based on clock and calendar, on customer specific items such as language, requested topic, historical data, identification, on staff specific skills and availability. Queue announcements give options for Callback or to leave Voicemail.

And what’s more, every employee, wherever located, can act as agent while doing other tasks. The common user interface makes switching from Employee to Contact Center Agent mode easy, while all agents have access to advanced UC functions like Presence Management, Instant Messaging, DECT and Mobile Messaging.

Monitor and improve your business process

Business ConneCT’s Contact Center features help your company to manage your Contact Center’s staffing and service levels. Group performance statistics enable your company to improve customer service, while extensive reporting tools provide insight into performance, costs and trends.

  • Get the most out of your agents by integrating their skill set in the different call flows.
  • Track agent productivity, customer behavior and service trends.
  • Add agents when you need them the most and improve your performance.
  • Manage the routing of incoming calls (and emails) in a flexible, easy way.
  • A dashboard shows calls, performance, queue length, agent and group status.
  • Extensive reporting gives the tools to optimize inbound and outbound service levels.