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The Genesys Product Suite is modular which enables you to pick and choose the capabilities that meet your business needs and use them independently, or together, to further leverage your return-on-investment.

At a glance

  • Inbound Voice (Enterprise and Network Routing)
  • Outbound Voice
  • E-mail / Web Interaction / Workforce Management / Voice Platform
  • Agent Desktop


Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform

This single platform centralizes the creation, administration and management of the interaction process; reports all interactions and activities at both the network and premise levels; and integrates with the broad range of contact center infrastructure. Interactions can be routed across single or multiple sites to the most qualified resource available.

Customer Interaction Management Platform (CIM)

Help to manages, routes, and reports the entire interaction life cycle process of any media or activity in any contact center environment, simplifying the complexity of customer interaction management.

Inbound Voice

Help to manages all incoming calls and delivers the caller to the right agent with the right information, regardless of location and across any contact center infrastructure. Inbound Voice also includes a Voice Callback Option that allows the call center to offer customer-friendly call backs at the time of the customer’s choosing and eliminates frustration with long hold times.

Outbound Voice

Allows contact centers to provide additional levels of customer service by creating, modifying, running and reporting on outbound service campaigns using comprehensive predictive software dialer technology. It supports both preview and predictive dialing modes and integrates with Inbound Voice to allow for call blending.


Allows contact center agents to respond to customer email enquiries with the same personalized service as traditional voice interactions. It adds artificial intelligence capabilities to examine emails, determine likely responses and provide suggested or auto-responses to email.

Genesys Workforce Management

Provides the analytical tools to forecast workload, schedule staff in flexible ways and monitor adherence to the plan. All this can be achieved within a single center or across a distributed collection of centers and encompassing workloads ranging from voice-only call centers to sophisticated multi-channel contact centers with many types of work activities.

Genesys Voice Platform

An advanced IVR product that brings internet technologies to the world of voice, enabling a new breed of voice self-service applications

Genesys Agent Desktop

Help to improve the efficiency of agents and facilitates contact center management.


Genesys transforms contact centers from proprietary boxes to an open architecture suite. The key benefits of using Genesys in your organization include:


  • Any infrastructure for operating systems, databases, applications and agent desktops
  • Any deployment: premise-or network-based; single-or multi-site.


  • Unified interaction management across multiple communications channels with seamless bridging of self-and assisted-service.


Single view of all interactions and contact center resources, centralized configuration and management of all systems and cradle-to-grave tracking and reporting.