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Smart Multi Presenter

Smart Multi Presenter

NEC MultiPresenter Features

MultiPresenter is an application software which enables you to display your device's screen(computer, smart phone, etc.) on the receiver device(MultiPresenter Stick or projectors) via wired or wireless LAN.

• Integrated multimedia USB player makes digital signage simple
• LED backlighting technology reduces power consumption and allows for a slimmer cabinet depth
• Thinner bezel improves display's aesthetics
• 24-Hour On/Off timer maintains power schedules
• Full HD Resolution allows for excellent image quality
• Video signal wake-up function allows for plug and play fucntionality
• Built-in NTSC/ATSC analog/digital tuner allows for high-definition broadcast capabilities
• Built-in, low-profile 10W speakers enhance the experience with superior sound

DisplayNote NEC Edition

DisplayNote NEC Edition

DisplayNote, NEC Edition, is the latest interactive whiteboard tablet solution, which combines advanced collaboration tools with the market leading utilities available with NEC Projectors to create the ideal collective presentation solution for learning establishments. Users can present, share and collaborate ideas and presentations across all major platforms (Windows, Android, Apple, Linux and iOS) and any connected device, such as an iPad, Android tablet, smartphone, netbook or laptop.

DisplayNote’s platform independent approach means you can fundamentally upgrade your presentation system’s effectiveness without the need to replace hardware. Download Displaynote at

DisplayNote NEC Edition operates in two main scenarios, a presenter scenario with powerful presentation and annotation features and the multi-user collaboration scenario which makes the learning process a fully inclusive class activity.

Displaynote Scenarios

DisplayNote is available with a number of different licence options that allow access to designated features and host and client connections. There are two different scenarios for DisplayNote usage, a ‘Presenter Mode’ advanced Multi-User scenario that allows multiple devices to connect and includes presenter functions and collaborative features for the whole class.

Presenter Scenario

The ‘Presenter Scenario’ is the standard application with intuitive presentation functions. It allows presenters to annotate over any surface, images, video, web browsers or office documents (ppt, word, pdf, etc).

DisplayNote also allows highlighting, drawing shapes, underlining important passages, adding text, notes and images and saving all this for future review as an image and/or as text. The teacher or presenter can use his or her device as a portable interactive whiteboard and to control the NEC projector, freeing them up to move around the classroom. The basic features for this mode are annotation and highlighting, the remote control of the teacher PC as well as the control of the projector.

With DisplayNote NEC Edition and an NEC Projector, the teacher can
take full control via software, for example freeze the content or change
signal input even if the projector’s remote control is lost.

Download link:

Presenter Scenario

Multi-user Scenario

The most powerful scenario however is the multi-user collaboration mode. Students can actively participate in lessons on a sharing basis.

Students can also take individual notes so that they have a personal version of the lesson to review when the lesson has finished or in preparation for exams. 

Multi-User Scenario