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Behavior Detection

Behavior Detection


• AIPRO is multiple award-winning BDS develop by NEC with the objective of maximizing the monitoring system functions and making monitoring centers more efficient
• AIPRO uses advanced and unique image analysis technologies (GLVO) in order to recognize objects, categorize
• them as persons or vehicles and automatically detect and track their actions in real time
• When the detected object does a predefined action, the system triggers an alert in order to draw the operator’s attention

Behavior Detection
Behavior Detection


• Real Time Video processing supporting the most popular video camera vendors
• Object detection and classification as persons, vehicle or unidentified objects
• Automatic tracking of detected objected
• Setting up of wanted behavior patterns. Perform real time comparison between object behavior and wanted behavior patterns
• Alert when an object behavior matches with a wanted behavior pattern
• Video clip recording on alert occurrence for verification purposes
• External dry contact input devices support for analytic on/off control
• Support for both PTZ and fixed IP cameras video streaming
• Compliance with ONVIF

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