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Seaport Solution


NEC contributes to Maritime Security and Safety from space, sea and land

Seaport Solution
Seaport Solution

Maritime Security and Safety Solutions

• For Illegal Activities
• For Critical Social Infrastructure
• For Disaster
• For National Security


- To avoid intrusion into costal zone and to provide safety environment for  citizen and foreigners.

System Features

- 24H surveillance in specific sea area with both multiple sensor technologies (RADAR, Optical Camera, and Radio signal direction finder) and advanced information technology for detection, classification, anomaly extraction, and Command & Control.
- Detection, Analysis, Raising Alarm, Data Collection, Communication between the head quarter and the deployed forces.


- Earlier response against Intruders.
- Protect critical infrastructure from terrorists, Smuggling crackdown, etc.


- Radar, Optical Camera, Infrared Camera, Radio wave direction finding.
- Data and Information Processing.
- Communication, Command and control.

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Mr.Nuwat Jainkiatfu
Telephone: +66 (0) 259-1192 ext. 5009
E-mail: nuwatj@nec.co.th