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Physical Security Solution

Physical Security

AccessGuard is the premium choice when upgrading an existing access control system to biometrics, as the AccessGuard range offers un-matched system integrity, performance and flexibility in authentication configuration options. Flexibility in handling X-factor authentication, mixed authentication types and choice between a one and two-component setup makes AccessGuard top of the line.

Access Guard

Biometric upgrade for existing security systems

AccessGuard allows you to upgrade the authentication of your existing access control system to strong authentication. In this way AccessGuard performs strong biometric authentication, while your existing system continues access control administration - high impact on authentication security, low impact on the way you administer access to your facility.

Access Guard

Two-component approach - no compromise on security

Like the majority of biometric readers, AccessGuard can be deployed in a one-component setup, meaning that the reader unit on the wall outside stores the user database internally, and sends unencrypted signals directly to the third-party access control system. This solution may be sufficient in supervised areas or at facilities not requiring the highest level of security.

In a two-component setup, the outside reader is connected to its own controller (or an inside reader) located on the secure side of the wall, and only this controller has a direct connection to the third-party access control system. In this way the user database and the network connection stay in the secured area, and only encrypted communication - between the reader and controller - is traveling through the wall.

Two-component approach

Mobile enrollment stations

In order to preserve system integrity, users are enrolled at an enrollment station and not directly on the access control units. One or more enrollment stations can be installed on the network with access to the central database. In order to make enrollment easier in large corporations, you can use a notebook as a mobile enrollment station in off-line mode. Later, when connected to the network again, the mobile enrollment station will synchronize its user database with the central server.

Simple access management solutions

AccessGuard Authentication Server offers flexible yet simple administration of authentication options when AccessGuard is connected to an existing access control system. AccessGuard Security Server is offered as a software add-on, which enables the AccessGuard system to handle simple authorization tasks as well. Security Server offers a cost-effective access control solution fit for small and medium-size companies needing basic access control functionality without advanced features of the larger systems.

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