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SpectralWave V-Node


STM-16/4 Multi-service Platform SpectralWave V-Node

The SpectralWave V-Node/V-Node S is a versatile solution for metro-access applications. Swift and scalable, this STM-1/4/16 multi-service platform offers outstanding reliability, cost efficiency and flexibility.


  • Flexible bandwidth assignment using GFP, VCAT and LCAS for IP packet transport
  • Point-to-point/multipoint Ethernet service using L2 SW function
  • Support for various network topologies, including dual node interconnection and multiple rings
  • Support for various services: 2M, 34M, 45M, Ethernet, FE, GbE and STM-1/4/16
  • 1+1 MSP, MS-SPRing and SNCP
  • Universal package slots for a flexible network design
  • Compact, high-density plug-in package
  • Bandwidth upgradeable from STM-4 to STM-16
  • Integrated management with NEC's other SDHs and DWDMs
  • Easy network management using SNMP


  • Universal package slots and high-density plug-in package reduce initial costs and upgrading costs
  • Simple IP and TDM hybrid network configuration can reduce running costs
  • Multipoint Ethernet service provides transparent LAN service, Internet access, ADSL and broadcasting services
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications such as FOTS, leased lines, micro access and IP-based services