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Hand Held Terminal (HHT)

1. Controller & Operating System

‐ Higher Performance CPU
‐ Win CE 6.0 OS
‐ Larger Memory–256MB RAM comparedto industry standard of 64‐128MB*

2. Advanced CCD Scanning

‐ Fast Barcode Reading
‐ Able to Read Damaged Barcodes**
‐ Highly Durable CCD Engine

3. Ergonomic Design

‐ Firm Grip
‐ Smaller Grip Width
‐ Light Weight

4. User‐Friendliness

‐Larger Screen 3.5 inches compared to industry standard of 3.0 inches*
‐Easy Thumb Touch Key Operation
‐Resin‐Treated Keys
‐Guitar Pick Shaped Stylus
‐Sound and Vibration Options
‐Easy Battery Replacement

5. Performance

‐ Wireless
‐ Long Battery Life
‐ Capacity of Battery 2300 mAh
‐ Cradle Casing

6. Retail Tested

‐ A CCD Engine with Higher Durability and No Moving Parts

*Time of comparison: October 2013
** Dependent on exact circumstance and extent of damage

For more information please contact

Mr. Nopanant Worawatanakant
Telephone : +66 (0) 2-259-1192 ext. 2500
E-Mail :

Ms. Ancharlee Udomkiattikul
Telephone :
+66 (0) 2-259-1192 ext. 2604
E-Mail :