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NEC ASEAN your trusted partner for transformationNEC ASEAN your trusted partner for transformation

Let’s transform through trust together.

NEC has been a big part of ASEAN for the past 60 years.
Technologies evolve, but one enduring quality that NEC has always had is Trust – from Sea to Space.

NEC ASEAN Transformation through Trust over the last 60 years.
  • 100M identities in ASEAN, powered by World’s #1 Biometrics

    With 50 years of award winning* accuracy, NEC pioneered a suite of six original biometric authentication technologies–face, iris, fingerprint/palmprint, voice, and ear acoustic authentication–are the best of class in the world.
    We have safeguarded over 100 million identities in 4 ASEAN countries and will continue to do so as we enhance our technological capabilities and developing multimodal systems, to expand its scope to include daily life scenarios.
  • 640M people connected, powered by NEC network solutions and submarine cables

    Through telecom solutions delivered to 11 telecommunications companies in 7 ASEAN countries, NEC connects 640 million individuals worldwide. We also play a crucial role in enhancing regional connectivity through 20,000km of submarine cables supplied to ASEAN.
    Our commitment to advancing communication networks ensures reliable connectivity for millions, underlining NEC's role in strengthening global telecommunications infrastructure.
  • 65M passengers transported annually, powered by NEC transportation expertise

    Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, NEC played a vital role in providing critical infrastructure to 3 ASEAN countries, transporting them safely within their respective countries.
    As a trusted partner, we continue to drive innovation and connectivity, contributing to the region's growth.


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