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Smart Video Wall

Smart Video Wall

NEC Video Wall System

NEC Video Wall System is software that powers the most cutting-edge video walls and distributed visualization systems available today. From brilliant video displays to important command and control installations, Video Wall system provides clear global communications, improves customer impact, and facilitates critical decision making.

NEC Video Wall System Advantages

  • Hardware agnostic
    Video walls and distributed visualization systems built using Video Wall system can be assembled with any brand of display, PC and network gear. You can even repurpose existing hardware.
  • Budget friendly
    You don’t need to buy expensive proprietary hardware. Video Wall system will work with any of today’s standard displays and PC systems. Start small and expand your installation later. Network architecture makes it easy to install, so you save time, too.
  • Hardware agnostic
    Video walls and distributed visualization systems built using Video Wall system can be assembled with any brand of display, PC and network gear. You can even repurpose existing hardware.
  • Future proof
    Because NEC Video Wall software is hardware agnostic, you don’t have to worry that the next technology will obsolete your system. Whether it’s new display technology, or just the need for a bigger video wall, we’ve got you covered.
  • Fail safe
    With two controllers working simultaneously you are protected. If one system goes down for any reason, the other takes over seamlessly. This is fault tolerance you can’t afford to pass up. Available exclusively with our Video Wall Premium software suite.
  • Limitless resolution
    See the big picture … in detail ... for better decision making and clearer communications. There’s no limit to the source resolution you can display -- exhibit high-resolution content, even gigapixel content, at an industryleading resolution of more than one billion pixels.
  • Design freedom
    You have complete design control of your video wall for clearer communications and improved decision making.

NEC Video Wall Suites

Suite Components


Custom Configuration: Allows multiple physical video walls as part of a single system. Supports unique and artistic wall configurations including portrait displays.

KVM: (Keyboard Video Mouse) Empowers the controller operator to interact and control with PC sources. For situations where PC sources are remote, KVM gives the controller operator added power and flexibility.

API: An external interface provides the ability to control many functions of the Video Wall system from external applications or devices, such as, AMX, Crestron and other control systems, scripting languages, tablets, and smart phones. For example, write a short program that provides one-touch operation of your wall via Crestron, or create an event-triggered emergency stop button. It’s as simple as writing in XML.

Animation: Animation allows the user to define movement and changes of content quickly and easily without rendering. On the fly, you can move an object across a path of your choice. Change the size, rotation, transparency and other visual effects. Make your digital signage pop!

Video Engine: Highly optimized video playback rendering with 4K video capability and enhanced performance.

Powerful Content Manipulation: Video Wall system’s content manipulator works in real-time showing finished content as it appears on the wall with no lag.

• Location: Move any content to any location
• Size: Resize any content to any size
• Zoom: Zoom and magnify content
• Rotation: Rotate content to any orientation
• Transparency: Adjust content transparency
• Shading: Content color shading and filters
• Cloning: Multiple independent copies of any content

SmartSnap™: Automatically maximizes content to display boundaries. Set up display content in seconds. Make use of all the real estate available.

Schedule and Restore: Content can be arranged and saved as “environments” and restored on demand, grouped into slideshows, or scheduled to appear at any time.

Slide Show: Set content to automatically change from one view to the next. Works with any content, including live sources, movies, text, and images. Attractive transitions, overlays and background are included in Slide Show. Achieve professional results with easy to use controls.

NECCast Software

NECCast software is sold separately. NECCast software enables users to share live feeds, information and other content between NEC Video Wall systems located around the world. With NECCast software installed there are many exciting possibilities for enhanced communication and collaboration. For example, content can be shared quickly between multiple locations or divisions of a large company or organization.