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Digital Signage Solution

Display Solution

NEC LIVE Intelligent Digital Signage

“Digital signage_is a sub segment of_Signage. Digital signage use technologies such as LCD , LED_and_Projection to display content such as_digital images video ,Streaming media, Directory board information”

NEC’s digital signage solutions have an easy to use interface, yet the power and flexibility that is only limited by your imagination to achieve your communication objectives with your target audience with a suite of Windows based applications that allow you to createcompelling content, then schedule and distribute that content across small or large scale networks of display panels.

Intelligence Interactive Systems

Digital Signage Solution Concept

NEC LIVE Features


Enterprise Grade Applications

    • Broadcast Quality Creation & Playback
    • Advanced State of the Art Content Creation Tools
    • World Class Content Scheduling & Triggering
    • Comprehensive Database Integration
    • Multiple Channels of Content triggered by Real Time changes to Databases
    • Real Time display of Web-TV-Telephony Data-RSS-Social Media etc
    • Integration with Field Analyst & NeoFace Facial Recognition Applications
  • Intelligent Triggers from Field Analysis & NeoFace

World-class Content Creation

  • Distribution, playback of interactive and reactive media

Powerful Graphic Tools

    • QR Code Generation and Display linked to Dynamic Databases
    • Touch Panel Interactive Applications
    • Way-finding Creation & Display
    • Advanced Video Wall creation application with Bezel Compensation
    • “The World is an Open Palette” Video Wall Feature – Controlling & Combining Individual Screens with Embedded PC’s tocreate amazing HD Video Walls
    • Distribution via WAN - LAN - FTP - USB Digital to 1000’s of locations
    • SQL database with inbuilt Reporting, Monitoring and Control applications
  • Advanced Graphics Playback Engine - Agnostic to Display-Size-Resolution

System Specifications

System Specifications

Supported File Formats  
Images PNG, PSD, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, Interchange File Format, PCX, Paint Shop Pro Format, Truevision TARGA, PDF
Videos Quicktime MOV, Windows Media WMV, AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VOB, Animated GIF, MK4, H.264, H.263
Audio MP3, OGG, Windows Media Audio WMA, WAV, RIFF
Data Data TXT, HTML, RSS Feeds, Excel, SQL
Other Adobe Flash, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDFs

System Requirements

PC Requirement  
Minimum Specification Motherboard: Mini ITX - Atom 510 with onboard graphics; Microsoft Windows 7; 2GB RAM - May experience slight playback jitter depending on size and complexity of digital content
Player System Minimum
Motherboard: Mini ITX to ATX; Microsoft Windows XP, XPe, 7, 7e, 8; 2GB RAM; 200MB minimum available hard drive space; Better specification results in smoother and more intense playback
Standard Specification
Motherboard: Mi ni ITX - Z68; Core i3 / i5; NVIDIA / ATI / Intel Graphics Card; Microsoft Windows 7; 4GB RAM; SSD Hard Drive (Suitable for 24/7 Operation) — Very smooth playback of complex graphics