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Public Safety Solutions & Services

Neo Face Watch

NEC makes Cities Safer

‘Safe Cities’ is an integral part of NEC’s vision for Smart Cities, where people are able to live, work, and play in safety and comfort while also coexisting in harmony with the environment. While safeguarding cities is challenging, NEC has advanced technologies and solutions to facilitate the task.

Safercities Framework

With improved communications capabilities, citizens today are better informed and enabled to make demands on government to respond effectively to any safety or security breach. NEC's Safer Cities Framework highlights the role of technologies to help government and business build a safer environment for life and work.

Cities Layer

NEC has a proven track record in public safety. In biometric technologies alone, NEC has installed the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric identification systems for more than 480 customers in over 30 countries in areas such as national identification, law enforcement, e-passport, visa application and border control.