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UCC Console

Make every caller’s first impression of your organization a positive one

Your operator is often the first point of contact that a caller has with your organization – leaving a lasting impression of your business.

They are expected to handle a large volume of calls ranging from time-consuming routine inquiries to urgent high-value transactions. UCC gives your operator superior call-handling abilities – ensuring that every caller’s first impression of your organization is a positive one.

UCC Console

Return On Investment

Increase sales opportunity

Improve customer satisfaction as callers are connected to the right person more quickly, and receive personal service. Encourages repeat business.

Minimal additional hardware investments

Application can be accessed anywhere on the network, so back-up operators can pick up overflow calls without any additional costly hardware.

Work smarter

Enable one operator to manage calls for multiple companies or serviced offices. Reduce unnecessary staff count.

Speed up call processing

With quick mouse clicks and hot keys to available people.

Reduce call abandonment

Increase revenue opportunity by keeping customers informed.

Record conversations

Place them as messages in recipient’s inbox. Solve potential disputes painlessly.

Easy to learn

Temporary staff love it!