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Business ConneCT (BCT)

Better service and satisfied customers

Business ConneCT (BCT)

With Business ConneCT, any authorised employee can act as an Operator, connecting callers, handling messages and locating staff. The single user interface makes it easy to combine Operator tasks with other work.

At a glance

  • Simple and fast queue handling
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Extensive Caller information
  • Drag and Drop Controls
  • Free Seating
  • Central Directory
  • Operator Group Statistics
  • Real-time Presence States
  • DECT and SMS Mobile Messaging
  • User Interface for Visually impaired
  • Hospitality integration


Cost Reduction by a more efficient use of existing operator staff

Any employee can act as Operator and can assist at peak hours; Reduced need for dedicated Operator staff

More incoming calls handled in a single response

Fast call handling through an integrated directory and intuitive user interface; All call information in one overview

Adequate response to incoming calls lead to revenue growth

Optimal and friendly customer response; Reduced waiting times; more customers serviced

Improved service levels and satisfied customers

VIP caller priority, reduced waiting time; professional and personal service; Providing the best customer experience

Handle more incoming calls by a more efficient use of your operator staff

Detailed overview of the queued calls; Access to multimedia communication methods like SMS Text, DECT and instant messaging

Save time and inform the caller instantly with the right information

Customers receive queue announcements, including call back options; Presence management enables Operators to inform customers adequately

Reduce number of times a caller is transferred

Presence status of the destination known before transferring the call; Alternative destinations instantly available

Reduce the number of fall back calls

Presence status of the destination ensures first time right

Easy look and feel reduces operator training

One look and feel for all roles and an intuitive user interface; Short learning curve.